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where’s - the - fire

where’s - the - fire

STILL SINGLE: Far-Out Fangtooth – Pure & Disinterested LP (Siltbreeze) →



Hardly anyone outside of the greater Philadelphia Tumblr community seems to have caught on to this quietly-released gem. They play dense, noisy, dirty rock for the late, humid August weeks in Pennsylvania (I grew up with these too, but across the state), death and buzzing lingering in the air. with thoughtful choices in guitar tone and production that gives a layer of clarity to those mushy mid-80s recordings like Dinosaur’s debut or Bad Moon Rising (two very obvious sources of inspiration for the band, along with the Cure ca. Pornography and Live Skull). There is some significant hairshake and idol worship happening here, but the songs and the character to back it up, including three distinctive vocalists and a heavy harvest/Pagan doom undercurrent beneath it all. If Broken Water is playing the Lee side of Sonic Youth, Far-Out Fangtooth is all over the Thurston and Kim side, hopeless and maniacally staring damnation down. Tracks like “Woe,” with its lurid chorus (“Bad karma will burn you in the end/And this must be what hell feels like”) and insistent drumming, work as the unofficial soundtrack to possibly the last summer our kind will know.


(Doug Mosurock)